A slightly more complex garage door mechanism, these doors are built in panel sections that open and slide upwards, and then curve back into the garage on horizontal rails. Perfect for automation, these doors offer a space saving alternative to Up and Overs. Great levels of insulation and security can be achieved with the sectional door not possible with other garage door types.
The sectional door is the door you should always consider when looking at roller garage doors as it performs at far higher levels and is far more durable long term than any roller garage door can be.


  • Fantastic security and strength
  • Impressive insulation qualities, stated U values available
  • Great for short driveways or garages requiring maximum drive trhough dimensions
  • Stylish and extremely well engineered
  • Vertical Opening – Park right up against the door and operate
  • Available in very large dimensions for bigger garages – Up to 8m wide!!
  • Proper double glazed window options available