Remote control openers

An electric operator for a garage door offers a wide range of immediate benenfits – convenience, security and safety, all of which are now available in many excellent state-of-the-art electric operators.

Contact us to get the correct electric operator for your garage door, either new or existing. Call us with as much detail from your existing garage door as possible to obtain the best price on a suitable electric operator.

We supply and install electric operators for all types of garage doors and only use high-quality products, providing many years of issue-free maintenance. There are a lot of cheap, noisy, non-European, non-compliant electric operators available in the UK, but buyers should be very aware of what you may be purchasing. Some operators may even be illegal, due to their failure to meet any safety standards, which in turn endangers any owner with one. Avoid this risk by opting to choose your operator through us, tested and certified as standard.